Can gutter guards handle heavy rain?

Read this blog post to find out how much rain your gutters can handle, and if you need to take any precautions when using gutter guards.

Can gutter guards handle heavy rain?

Fenders work in heavy rain, as long as you choose the right one for the job. Thanks to its raised mesh pattern, powder-coated aluminum frame and reinforced closures, the HomeCraft gutter protection system keeps dirt out and lets water flow, regardless of the weather. The right type of gutter protector can withstand heavy rain, specifically mesh or micromesh gutter protectors. With these protectors in place, you can expect debris to settle on the top of the gutter and for water to flow easily.

Keeping the upper part of the gutter protectors clear will help during a very severe storm. So when you experience heavy rain in your area, will gutter guardians work? Yes, gutter protectors can work well in heavy rain. Micro-mesh gutter protectors are often the best for areas that experience significant rainfall. Small perforations will keep most debris away, including small objects such as pine needles and pollen.

Gutter protectors can restrict water flow to the gutter channel during heavy rains. Some designs work better than others, but heavy rain often overwhelms the gutter protector and causes stormwater to overflow, especially on a roof with a large surface area or a steep roof. As a result, during heavy rains, if the gutter system and gutter protectors are unable to divert and drain accumulated water from your home quickly enough, you may experience excess water flowing down the sides and penetrating the surrounding property. Although these types of gutter protectors are not the cheapest on the market, in areas of the country where it is possible to rain a lot, LeafFilter is known as the best.

One of the gutter protection designs, the K-style gutter protector, goes under the roof shingles and slightly lifts the first row of roof shingles. HomeCraft gutter protectors feature a unique raised mesh material that allows small debris to stay out and rise above the gutter. The best gutter protectors can reduce gutter and roof maintenance costs and improve your home's long-term health. Some gutter protectors may not be able to prevent all fallen debris from accumulating at the bottom of the gutter system.

The cost of gutter protectors will vary considerably depending on the company you choose, the number of gutter protectors you need, and whether or not you'll need a professional installer. So, here are some tips to help correct the problem and prevent heavy rain from jumping out of the gutters in the future. Installing them can be expensive and companies don't tell you that their gutters still need routine maintenance, even with gutter protectors. Generally speaking, leaf protectors in gutters are not a practical solution for keeping gutters free of obstructions, and the number of new problems they could introduce makes them not worth it.

The best gutter protectors for heavy rain will help ensure that your home is not damaged by water. Many customers specifically point out that gutters protected by MasterShield covers do not overflow even during excessive rain. When a large volume of rain falls around your home, it is essential to have a gutter system that collects all the runoff from the roof and directs it for proper drainage. Homeowners who were tired of cleaning gutters and water that never reached the downspouts are very satisfied with the overall design of the HomeCraft gutter protectors.


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