What is the best material for gutters on a house?

When it comes to choosing the right material for your home's gutters, there are many options to choose from. Here we compare copper, steel, aluminum and vinyl.

What is the best material for gutters on a house?

For galvanized steel gutters For durable, low-maintenance gutters, galvanized steel is a good material to consider. Copper is one of the most attractive gutter options on the market. It is both aesthetically appealing and durable. While most people are familiar with the greenish color that copper develops, this is not rust.

Oxidized copper still maintains its strength over time. With all this in mind, apart from its higher price, copper is a valuable material for gutters and is widely considered the ideal material for gutters. Modern gutters are mainly made of vinyl, aluminum, steel and copper. Aluminum is the material used in most house gutters today.

It is available with factory priming or finishing in a wide range of colors. Aluminum gutters are lightweight, but they withstand the elements well and resist rust. You can find thinner gauge aluminum sectional gutters for DIY installation at large home improvement stores. Larger caliber aluminum is the material of choice for professional installers who manufacture custom seamless gutters.

High-quality aluminum gutters can have a lifespan of 20 years or more, and offer the best value because of their durability and moderate cost. Although aluminum gutters are the most common choice when it comes to gutter materials, you actually have a good number of options available, including copper, steel, and even zinc. Seamless gutters are usually made of metal and are extruded to custom lengths by professional installers using a portable gutter machine. With seamless stitched gutter options, aluminum gutters have long been the preferred rain gutter for their low price and long lifespan.

Copper gutters can add a distinctive, old-world atmosphere to a home, but this is the most expensive gutter material, which is why they are most often chosen for new high-end construction and historic restorations. Since gutter wear and damage mainly occur at joints, seamless gutters will last longer than sectional gutters. Increasing the pitch increases the handling capacity of a gutter, but the gutter may appear crooked for a long drive.

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